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Vocal Europe, a European Magazine based in Brussels launched on May 1st, 2015, features unmatched opinions and analysis by prominent columnists and experts from Europe and its neighborhood.

Vocal Europe a non-partisan, a European magazine, provides first-rate coverage and analysis of the pressing political issues in Europe and within its neighborhood shaped especially by Turkey, Israel, Russia, and Iran. With contributors and columnists spanning the higher echelons of politics, business, governance, media, law and academia, Vocal Europe is an indispensable read for anyone to understand what matters for Europe. The magazine’s editorial is strengthened by its coverage of subjects and views rarely found in the European media.

More Importantly;

The use or misuse of information is central to the public opinion in Europe. There has been a growing need for supporters of, in particular, the EU affairs, to master the art of information gathering, analysis and dissemination. This requires well organised, focused and targeted operations. Such initiatives are barely existent in Brussels today.

Vocal Europe, a European Magazine, was established to fill this gap.

While there are several outstanding media monitoring networks online, their main activity is invariably confined to exposing the flaws in existing coverages. We go one step further; reaching out to opinion-makers and decision-makers in a deliberate, organised and sustained manner.

So, what do we do at Vocal Europe?

  • We provide a focused and comprehensive coverage of European affairs and the issues beyond that could have impact on Europe
  • We do so by gathering opinions through our extensive networks of partner organisations and correspondents on the ground
  • Not only do our readers enjoy up-to-date reporting, through our network of contributors, we also publish carefully reasoned commentaries and articles rooted in factual evidence
  • We are also an essential point of reference for journalists, researchers, human rights organisations and NGOs in Brussels

Here at Vocal Europe, we recognize that official policy is often informed and defined by the nature of media coverage. As such, we regularly interface with the politicians, editors, lobby groups and various other stakeholders to facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of European affairs.


Thank you to all of our 2016 Patrons!

We welcome financial contributions designed to support high quality journalism, to help us translate our stories into other languages, and to sponsor journalist training. We also welcome co-operation with other media or independent journalists on cross-border projects. If you want to get involved, please contact us at