Iam writing these words after being on the roads for 2h and 15 minutes through a route that normally takes 1 hour. What happened? Keep reading!

I am a citizen of Catalonia, the nearly Republic although it is still a part of Spain. Why? Because we still pay taxes to Spanish government and because the Spanish politicized justice has sent into prison 8 former ministers of Puigdemont’s government [Catalan president ceased by Spanish government].

Catalans are sad, we have been fighting to create a great Europe where we are trying our best, being part of the European Parliament and proposing many things and paying tremendous amount of taxes whereas nothing comes back.

People standing in Sant Cugat and Lleida blocking streets and railways.

Europe turns its back to us, they hear to our requests but what do all politicians do? Follow Rajoy’s [Spanish prime minister] steps. Why? You will agree with me that money is everything, and Europe wants Spain to pay its debt. However there have been many voices from the European Central Bank and other state owned banks that confirm that Spain is not able to pay it if Catalonia is not in it, as it is the main engine of the whole country.

Of course, this does not mean that Catalonia is the only Autonomous Community that generates jobs, however it is the one that is in a better place to do so and historically has been like that.

I said Catalans are sad, but not all of them. There are others that support parties such as PSC [Catalan branche of Spanish socialist party], Ciudadanos and Partido Popular [Ruling Party] in applying the famous article 155 to silence people who want to express themselves. And they have the right to do so, however what happened is not proportional at all giving the fact that there are eight former ministers and two citizens who organized major demonstrations with over one million people since 2010 until nowadays in jail. Isn’t this attitude wrong? If people who are in favor of status-quo have their rights, don’t Catalan have theirs?

To over this situation, Catalan president Puigdemont decided to move to Brussels, leaving his wife and two young daughters in Girona to defend his right to have a fair trial. Some judges in Spain are already saying that the cause will be taken from the National Audience (dealing with corruption and terrorism) to the Tribunal Supremo (dealing with rebellion) and probably former ministers will be freed. This is a clear signal that it has been not proportional. Whilst Puigdemont and 4 former ministers are free in Brussels, in Spain they would be in jail. In fact, this reminds me a country: Turkey.

Europe can give us support. We will fight for Europe. But we also hope not to live in such a Europe that does not respect our rights and. Catalans will fight for their rights to self-determination. Will Europe listen to us? After the refugee crisis I sadly think it won’t.

To turn back to my relatively long travel, yes it took too long for me to arrive to Barcelona from my city, Palamós. And we will keep on demonstrating till our co-citizens are freed. We really expected Europe to make also a call for release of our citizens whilst it made a call to Venezuela asking for release of the political prisoners.


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