Vocal Europe Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2018 as an VZW under Belgian law. It aims at bringing together individuals and organisations seeking to promote European values. It does not lobby and is not aligned to any political group. Our board consists of:



Irene Christodoulaki

Irene holds a master’s degree in European Law and Policy. Since 2010 she is a researcher at the Centre of Eastern Studies for Culture and Communication. Her main research interests are Turkey, politics, geopolitics, security, religion in the Middle East and the impact of social media in society.

Board Member

Marie Shuqha

She holds a B.A in criminology from the Free University of Brussels. She was born into a mixed family, her mother being Belgian and her father being Israeli-Arab. Being raised bilingual Dutch-English but speaks French, Arabic, Hebrew, and American Sign Language as well.

Board Member

Julien Hoez

Growing up as a French Londoner, Julien Hoez holds a B.A in International Relations and French studies at Oxford Brookes University. He is passionate about the current state of French politics, as well as the increasingly important implications of the modern-era European project.

Board Member

Yoeri Maertens

Yoeri Maertens holds an Advanced Master's degree in American Studies and a Master's degree in Languages and Linguistics: English - Scandinavian Studies. His main areas of expertise are issues concerning identity, immigration, and terrorism. Yoeri combines his interest in the United States with a profound focus on Scandinavia and its way of tackling the issues of the 21st century: mass immigration, terrorism, and social safety net.

Our Goals

 Promote and increase awareness about European values;

 Exchange information and develop a common approach on relevant matters such as democracy, rule of law, human rights, freedom of speech in Europe, in the Western Balkans, and in the countries neighboring Europe;

 Contribute to the constructive relations between the European Union, Western Balkans, and Central Asia;

Bring more attention to the current state of democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, and rule of law in Russia, Turkey, Israel, and Iran;

 Look for funding and financial opportunities;

Take part in the ongoing and relevant projects, in order to realize the aims of the Foundation;

Our Activities

1. We promote the positions defined by our members through appropriate channels such as researches, panels, conferences, workshops, study-trips whose participation would be open to all those interested in;

2. We promote dialogue, understanding and development of joint projects with civil society organizations, governmental institutions, and individuals;

3. We undertake all other activities-i.e.: participation in European and international projects, within the framework of its overarching goals related to promotion of democracy, rule of law, human rights, freedom of speech in the European Union, in Western Balkans, within its neighborhood, and in Central Asia;


Vocal Europe Foundation has individual-, and associate members who financially support its activities.


For more information about the foundation, cooperation and our activities, please contact us via foundation@vocaleurope.eu


Rue de la Science 14B, 1040 Brussels