Research Lab

Vocal Europe is an independent, not-for-profit platform dedicated to fostering dialogue and coordination among the European Union (EU), Iran, Israel, Russia, Turkey and the Western Balkans. Through research publications, partnerships and policy events – we aim not only to support and but also challenge European decision-makers at all levels to make informed decisions based on evidence and analysis, and providing a platform for engaging partners, stakeholders and citizens in EU policy-making.


Managing Director

Madalina Sisu Vicari

She is the Managing Director of Vocal Europe. Madalina Sisu Vicari is a PhD candidate at the University of Liège. Her main research interests are: the geopolitics of energy, energy security, Ukraine’s and Turkey’s energy cooperation with EU, EU-Russia energy relations, EU’s external energy governance, European regionalization. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Communications and European Affairs.

Policy Analyst

Julien Hoez

Julien Hoez is a policy analyst at Vocal Europe. Growing up as a French Londoner, Julien Hoez holds a B.A in International Relations and French studies at Oxford Brookes University. He is passionate about the current state of French politics, as well as the increasingly important implications of the modern-era European project.


Irene Christodoulaki

Irene Christodoulaki is a researcher at Vocal Europe. Irene holds a master’s degree in European Law and Policy. Since 2010 she is a researcher at the Centre of Eastern Studies for Culture and Communication. Her main research interests are Turkey, politics, geopolitics, security, religion in the Middle East and the impact of social media in society.

Communication Advisor

Valeria Mingardi

Valeria Mingardi is communication adviser at Vocal Europe. Following a Bachelor degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, Valeria holds a Master degree in International Relations at La Sapienza University of Rome and at Vrije Universiteit of Brussels.

Policy Analyst

Leonardo Veneziani

Leonardo Veneziani is a policy analyst at Vocal Europe. He holds a Bachelor Degree in International Sciences and European Institutions, and now is currently studying European Affairs at the University of Turin, Italy. His main area of expertise is European Affairs, covering EU institutions - mainly the role of the European Parliament -, EU common foreign and defense policy and history of European integration.

Policy Analyst

Ebubekir ISIK

Ebubekir ISIK is a PhD Researcher at the Free University of Brussels and a Policy Analyst. He works on regional parties, populism in Europe and the EU's Enlargement Politics.


Yoeri Maertens

Yoeri Maertens is a researcher at Vocal Europe. He holds an Advanced Master's degree in American Studies and a Master's degree in Languages and Linguistics: English - Scandinavian Studies. His main areas of expertise are issues concerning identity, immigration, and terrorism.


Julius M. Rogenhofer

Julius Maximilian is a researcher at Vocal Europe. He is a Solicitor of the Courts of England and Wales and a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology. He has work experience at a number of policy think tanks, most recently as a Visiting Scholar in the Brussels office of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Julius is interested in German politics, Turkey and Israel/Palestine.

Contributing Editor

Alessio Tardivo

Alessio Tardivo is a contributing editor at Vocal Europe.

Contributing Editor

Clara Berthelot

Clara Berthelot holds a bachelor degree in European Studies and is to complete a Master degree in Public Administration in Poland. She is an contributing editor for Vocal Europe.


Sergio Caliva

Graduated in Political Science and currently enrolled in a Master’s degree programme in International Relations at LUISS Guido Carli University, Sergio is a security and international politics passionate. After an experience in the FYROM, he grew a strong interest in the Western Balkans’ geopolitics, the EU enlargement and foreign policies, and the EU relations with the Western Balkans countries and the Russian Federation. Sergio is an Italian native speaker, speaks English and French fluently and has a good command of Spanish.


Elisa Telesca

Elisa Telesca holds a B.A. in European Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Originally from Italy, she has studied and worked in France, the UK, the US, and Hong Kong. She has experience in EU Policy Analysis and is passionate about European and global issues concerning human rights, transparency, and freedom of expression.


Ravija Harjai

Ravija Harjai is an intern at Vocal Europe. She holds a B.A. in political science and comparative literature from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She is passionate about European Union foreign policy, Iran and and all areas of Israeli politics. Ravija is fluent in English and Spanish.