Following the pressure and operations targeting the journalists in Turkey, many reporters working at field now are providing only the news that are approved by the government. They keep working this way without feeling ashamed or uneasy at all. The severe violations of human rights, torture, cases of death and loss in custody are ignored. All sufferings which would be headlines or first page news at anywhere in the world are announced via social media accounts by the victims or their families instead of journalists.

As the journalists who would inform the public about these sufferings are either arrested or searched with a decision of arrest, the remaining ones are so-called journalists working at the media under government’s control. They provide neither news about human rights violations nor feel ashamed of working like government officers. Please try to imagine that a woman gives birth on her own under custody. Or imagine seven people are abducted in the middle of street. Consider that cancer patients are kept in prison.

Although Kurdish politicians are detained since November, there are not news about who they are or what detention conditions they are held under. Besides, the media under the government’s control is afraid of making any news about the pioneers of Kurdish politics although they have been on hunger strike for months. Not only the journalists but also the main opposition party CHP and the second opposition party MHP in the parliament function to back up the government. They do nothing more than the so-called analyses which even a housewife would make at a party with her neighbors. They ignore it all although rule of law and democracy are destroyed, people’s security of life and property disappeared and the country has been ruled with state of emergency for 9 months now. The only reason why they attend the Parliament is because this is how they earn their life and their existence does not mean anything more than seats due to the state of emergency. And they have a share in all the crimes as they overlook them.

The government is not performing these unlawful acts thanks to its own power but thanks to the passiveness and weakness of the opposition. Therefore, citizens are desperate, they do not expect anything from the opposition or media or justice and they are trying to be heard by their own efforts. Every day, sad and desperate letters are published through an amateur blog opened on behalf of arrested judges and prosecutors. Academics who are fired from universities or in prison, civil servants fired from their offices are screaming for justice by writing their own stories as if they are journalists themselves.

However, there is something rather interesting about all these very negative developments. The citizens who are trying to make themselves visible and be heard, mention at their social messages the journalists who do not make any news about these miseries but ignore them  as it is the case also with the members of parliaments who do not protect the citizens although it is their duty and primary reason of existence. Some claim that people remain silent as they are scared. I think fear is not the only reason. In fact, those silent persons have a self-confidence issue. They think their opinions would not be given importance at all as they do not have any correspondence in society. Therefore, they underestimate themselves and mention at their social messages some other names whom they think people would pay more attention to. I think this is an outcome of the education system in Turkey.

People are always imposed that celebrities, politicians or bureaucrats, etc. are superior to them. For example, students are imposed that ideas and role of their teachers are more important than theirs. Likewise, teachers are imposed that they are not as important as school principals. The school principals feel inferior to the ministers and the ministers feel inferior to the prime minister, which turns into a life style and general perspective. Actually, people do not fear. They just do not value themselves and they suppose their opinions will not hit any audience if it is themselves who utter those opinions.

On the contrary, their opinions matter much more than the views of unprincipled, unfair politicians and journalists who do not care about sufferings and pain. That is why, beyond eliminating fear, we should make people feel that their views matter. What makes a person important is not his or her position. All opinions matter. The opposite situation in Turkey shows that consciousness of democracy has not rooted at all. On the other hand, there is a prevalent and climbing fear in society which signifies the end of a period. Those in power are scared and they try to overcome their fear by scaring others more. The fear perceived in society in fact reflects the psychology, the mood of a power which is about to end.

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