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Aleksandra Toska

Aleksandra Toska is from Albania and holds a bachelor’s degree of English Language at the University of Aleksander Moisiu Durres, later on started master studies in the University of Tirana in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy. Currently, she is doing an Advanced Master of European Integration at the VUB IES in Brussels.

The collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991 led to the birth of several nation states, with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (henceforth FYROM) being one of the initial offspring. Compared to the rest of the ex-Yugoslav countries, the self-proclaimed Republic of Macedonia largely evaded the ethnic bloodshed, but had to deal with other significant problems. Inter alia, its name has been an outstanding issue for its international standing.

Ever since the FYROM inception, its southern neighbour Greece has protested against the adopted name and refused to grant official recognition to Skopje. According to Athens, Macedonia was (and still is) a geographical region within Greek borders, ruling out any foreign aspiration to claim ownership over the province. Outside of the regional diplomatic implications, FYROM’s ambitions to join the EU and NATO have been slashed by Greece, which has instigated vetoes against the ex-Yugoslav republic on the basis of its formal opposition to the name.[1]





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