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Political relations between Serbia and China have evolved rapidly in the past decade, starting from the Kosovo War in 1999 when Serbia received support from China on issues of territorial integrity. Thereafter, the two countries have strengthened their ties by establishing a joint statement on a Strategic Partnership[1].

This agreement promoted a bilateral cooperation in the trade, political and military fields[2], which have benefited both countries in the long term. One of the most convenient stipulations was the access to a free trade area for Chinese companies operating in Serbia. Entering the European market represented a milestone from a Chinese perspective. Additionally, the partnership introduces the salient point discussed in this paper: the consolidation of Chinese technological companies in the Serbian market, such as Huawei.


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[2] Chinese Overseas Foreign Direct Investment and the Sino-Serbian Strategic Partnership by Graham Hollinshead Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation , Vol. 8, No. 1 (Summer 2014), pp. 37-48 Published by: Pluto Journals