Training Overview

Vocal Europe, a Brussels based Think Tank, has been training young professionals via structured trainings and mentorship programs to empower them with competences that would facilitate their access to the labour market. In that respect, Vocal Europe in cooperation with Calipa Coaching is organising an intensive training on jobs and careers in the EU institutions. This training is an essential prerequisite for those interested in building an EU career.

The training aims at providing a thorough understanding of career perspectives in European institutions and provides participants with tips and tricks to succeed in EPSO recruitment process.

At the end of the training, the EPSO candidate will be able to;

> comprehend how an EU career looks like

> understand the entry conditions

> acquire a thorough understanding of the different selection phases

> succeed at all levels of recruitment process, including computer-based tests and assessment centre

Targeted Audience

The training is for EU citizens with all professional backgrounds interested in a career at the EU institutions, and who would like to participate in the recruitment competition of EPSO.


A certificate of successful participation, which is signed by Mr Henri Malosse, 30th President of European Economic and Social Committee, will be provided to participants at the end of the training.

The training content

The training consists of 3 essential modules.


Part I: Working in the EU institutions: What does it look like and how to apply?

Part II: EU competitions: eligibility criteria and competition cycle


Part I: Admission phase – Verbal tests: theory, general tips and exercises with solutions

Part II: Admission phase – Numerical tests: theory, general tips and exercises with solutions

Part III: Admission phase – Abstract reasoning tests: theory, general tips and exercises with solutions

Part IV: Admission phase – Situational judgment tests: theory, general tips & exercises with solutions


Part I: Assessment centre: general information and tips

Part II: Assessment centre – Case-study: preparation guidelines, general tips and practical EPSO case

Part III: Assessment centre – Oral presentation: preparation guidelines, general tips & practical EPSO case

Part IV: Assessment centre – Group exercise: preparation guidelines, general tips and practical EPSO case

Part V: Assessment centre – Structured interview: preparation guidelines, general tips and practical EPSO case

Practical Information

7 February 2020

10h00 – 17h30

8 February 2020

10h00 – 12h30

The entire training will take place at Copernico Science 14 (Rue de la Science 14B, 1040 Brussels)

*Should the venue of training change, Vocal Europe will notify the participants at least 7 working days before the training.


350 Euros (VAT included)


Lieven Tack is a professor at the College of Europe and an experienced trainer in EPSO competitions. He has worked as an economist in the European Commission and was Chief of Cabinet in the Belgian government.

Deadline and Registration

10 January 2020

The registration is now open for participants who plan to attend the training. Due to limited seats available you are encouraged to register early by sending an e-mail to by using “EPSO recruitment competitions training” as a subject. Please do not forget to attach your updated CV to the e-mail. Once we receive your e-mail, we will send you the registration form with all the details.


IMPORTANT NOTE | Language of instruction is English.


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