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The French Revolution 2.0

Only 6 months after becoming the youngest French President under the 5th Republic, Emmanuel Macron is proving to the French people and the world that he’s not in the office to stroll like his predecessors did, but to sincerely transform France’s economy, its social model and political system.

His willingness to accomplish his reforms, modernize France’s burdensome bureaucracy and his strong leadership emerge to be the opposite way from what the people and the media were used to. Macron’s economic measures aim to end the toxic environment of the labor market by making it more flexible for small and medium-size businesses to thrive. Only one year ago during François Hollande’s presidency, 36% of foreign companies CEOs based in France believed that France was “attractive”. Then Macron arrived. 60% today believe that France is attractive for foreign investments.

‘Liberty Leading the People’ – 28 July 1830.

As a consequence, more than half of the population is satisfied today with Emmanuel Macron’s actions. In addition, according to Infratest Dimap poll Germany’s most trusted partner is France by 93% of the opinion while the United States dropped to 25% since the election of Donald Trump.

Emmanuel Macron is incarnating a President who really does what he says, speaking the truth with frankness, no filter and so much ease without using the art of demagogy like most politicians do, which is a dramatic change for France. We have seen it in many occasions during meetings with international leaders such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and during walkabouts in France and more recently, in Africa.

What Chris Bickerton the brexit supporter wrote in the New York times is wrong. Emmanuel Macron won’t be another failed French President. This statement has already been proven to be inaccurate.

The European Dream Reloaded

Recently the prestigious Charlemagne institution awarded the French President for engaging an aggressive but positive revitalization of the European dream. Described as a courageous pioneer by the Charlemagne board of directors, Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly demonstrated since his election “his passion for and commitment to Europe, his advocacy of cohesion and commonality, and his decisive stance against all forms of nationalism and isolationism“.

It’s obvious that Germany is no longer the only country to build and lead the future of Europe, especially today at a time where Angela Merkel is facing difficulties to form a new Government. France is now in the center game to boost a new dynamic for an integrated Europe and move forward the European identity and integrity into the 21st Century.

Professor Pascal Perrineau, specialist in political sciences at Science Po Paris, claims Emmanuel Macron election ended the Left/Right cleavage that was persisting since the French Revolution in 1789. Today, France have a new face: on one side, people who tend to see nationalism as the solution to their social and economic problems and on the other side, those who see progressivism as the ultimate way to live in a modern and open society.

What if Emmanuel Macron just found the right recipe to solve France’s persistent challenge, a high unemployment rate nationwide that the previous Right and Left governments failed to find answers to, and at the same time, the right approach to build trust for all the European governments, despite of their political diversities, to move forward in a common direction?

After all, the motto of the European Union is “United in diversity“.