Valeria Mingardi

Valeria Mingardi is communication adviser at Vocal Europe. Following a Bachelor degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, Valeria holds a Master degree in International Relations at La Sapienza University of Rome and at Vrije Universiteit of Brussels.

Vocal Europe interviewed H.E. Bernard Nikaj, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Brussels, as part of our Monday Talks series.

During the the interview, many important themes were discussed, with the goal to better understand Kosovo’s European integration path, focusing on its achievements and on its challenges.

In particular, H.E. Bernard Nikaj shared his points of view on visa liberalization for Kosovo’s citizens on Schengen territory, the accomplishments and the hurdles in implementing European criteria, the economic growth that Kosovo is undergoing, the state of negotiations of bilateral issues with countries that do not recognize Kosovo’s independence, and, finally, what the EU should do to support and speed up Kosovo’s integration process.


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