More than 10 years after Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence (UDI) from Serbia, the country still faces numerous obstacles in its quest for stability.  Although various urgent matters keep shaping domestic-, and foreign policy of the country, the ultimate goal of de facto compliance with rule of law is an ongoing challenge for Kosovo.

In this context, EU’s approach towards Pristina will be discussed in the key-matters of rule of law and fundamental rights, and the way forward. The conference will outline the lines of action supported by the EU and its Member States for consolidating a strong democratic base.

10 years after the UDI, Vocal Europe and the Portuguese Permanent Representation to the European Union invite you to join us in taking stock on Kosovo’s rule of law building process and the road ahead.

Please confirm your attendance at the latest by 8 of November 2019 by sending an e-mail to We remain at your disposal for any further information.



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