Carolina de Albuquerque

Carolina de Albuquerque holds a Master's degree in Advanced European and International Studies from CIFE in France. She is passionate about EU's external action, EU-Turkey relations, Human Rights, Migration and Sustainable Development. Carolina is fluent in Portuguese, French and English, and has a good command of Spanish.


Ebubekir ISIK

Ebubekir ISIK is a Policy Analyst at Vocal Europe. He works on EU Foreign Policy, and Turkey.

With the potential emergence of a new political party in Turkey resulting from the fragmentation of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), the current political set-up in Turkey might turn into one where President Erdogan’s governing AK Party loses its parliamentary majority in the next elections.

In that respect, the two pioneering faces of this likely efflorescent party, namely Ali Babacan and Abdullah Gül, might provide an alternative to Turkish constituents who are discontent with the incumbent government. This fragmentation of AK Party coupled with the rising of new critical voices might eventually start the end of the longstanding ruling by President Erdogan, trigger a new era for Turkey and subsequently its relations with the European Union (EU).




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