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Stephanie Leysen

Stéphanie Leysen holds a LLM in International and European Law from the University of Antwerp and a Master's degree in Human Rights Law with International Conflict & Security from Kent University. She is passionate about human rights, migration and environmental issues and has worked on these topics at different international organisations. Stéphanie is fluent in Dutch, English and French.

On 26 May 2019 citizens all over Europe will head to the ballot box to cast their vote for the European Parliament (EP) elections. The European Parliament is the only transnational parliament in the world that is directly elected and it has the authority to decide on issues that have a considerable impact on European citizens’ lives.[1]

However, despite being the biggest electoral contest in Europe, the European elections seem to leave many voters indifferent. The ever decreasing voter turnout for the EP elections since they were organised for the first time in 1979 is suggestive of growing apathy towards the European Union (EU).[2]


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