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Zoran Cicak

Zoran Cicak is the chairman of the Argonauts International Group and founding member of the Serbian Free Citizens Movement.

However, there remains a paradox which is indeed endemic in Western Balkans. It is more or less overt support extended by the European Union to policies and leaders which are both inherently anti-European. While the EU itself in 2018 coined the term “captured state”[1] – which refers exactly to Bieber’s “stabilocracies” – its officials continued to provide vital political support to the same political elites which are ultimately responsible for it.

The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, however, brought new dynamic into Western Balkans quagmire: massive popular protests that quickly engulfed Serbia, Albania and Montenegro.[2] Protests occasionally appeared in the countries which are technically not part of Western Balkans, but apparently share same or similar problems: Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. While immediate reasons remain different for each country, there are still two powerful denominators which appear common for all of them: deep political discontent with ruling elites and protest against what is being widely perceived as European complicity with such elites.



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[2] See for example: Peter Munch, Es brodelt auf dem Balkan, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 8 March 2019.




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  1. мр Предраг М.Вулетић

    Поштована господи,
    Направили сте проблем Вашој цењеној институцији, – Зоран Чичак .
    Његове фирме у Србији су у вишегодишњој бликади и стотинама радника дугују плате а држави порезе у доприносе.
    Био је тема у српском парламенту у негативном контексту (…/DJH5IT_Moc_nemoci_ili_nemoc_moci_-_…)
    С поштивањем,
    Мр Предраг М.Вулетић,Ваљево, Србија
    Dear sir,
    You made a problem your esteemed institution-Zoran Cicak
    His company in Serbia in multi-year disabled, hundreds of workers owed wages and taxes in the country contributions.
    It was a theme in the Serbian Parliament in a negative context ( /…/ DJH5IT_Moc_nemoci_ili_nemoc_moci _-_…)
    With respect,
    Mr Predrag M.Vuletić, Valjevo, Serbia


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