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    Vocal Europe agrees to provide the above-specified training; and the Participant agrees to transfers payment for this training. To confirm the participation to the Training, the Participant agrees to proceed with the payment of the training latest by deadline specified above. The Training is to be conducted within the dates indicated in the announcement on Vocal Europe’s website (, where the detailed description of the training, its date, its venue/virtual platform and its fee are outlined. In the case of necessary modifications/change of training’s date due to a health-related issue (in the case the trainer gets sick), Vocal Europe reserves the right to come up with a new date for the training and will inform the Participant of this. In this case, Vocal Europe is obliged to reschedule the training, and Vocal Europe will offer the Participants new date(s) for a new training. Thus, Vocal Europe does not make refund in case of necessary modifications/change of training’s date due to a health-related issue.


    To participate to the Training, the specified fee (+ 21 % VAT) of the training in the announcement above is required to be made to the specified bank account before the specified deadline.


    If a Participant wishes to cancel her/his registration to the training, the following charges will apply:

    Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the Training date: Participant loses 75% of the total payment he/she makes.

    Cancellation during Training: Participant loses 100% of the total payment he/she makes


    The personal data of the Participant is protected according to GDPR provisions. However, the Participant agrees to the usage of his/her personal data only for the scope of the training and for being notified of future training opportunities unless the Participant notifies otherwise. The Participant agrees to his/her potential presence in media materials (photos and videos) that might be produced for the purpose of publicising future trainings and from which the participant can withdraw at any time via written signed notice.