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The Aegean basin and the Anatolian land, where “Greek Love” gets its name, both have been homeland of nice LGBT heroes and thinkers throughout history.

The concept of homosexuality, which is met with utmost tolerance even in the Ottoman period and secretly embedded in the code of the Divan [Ottoman] literature, is a favorite among the icoglan (inner boys) in the harem.

The Republic of Turkey has recently become a witch hunt with the wind of radical Islam. Homosexuality is a constitutional right in Turkey, but there are serious problems in practice. Therefore, this constitutional right does not go beyond being a promotional material of dirty politics of double standard management style. Just like the Trump in the USA and Putin Russia.

[alert type=white ]Author: Barbaros Sansal. 60 years old. Grand Couturier, Writer, Actor, Teacher, Activist for LGBT & Peace & Freedom & Environment, & Human Rights & Animal Rights.[/alert]

Barbaros Sansal, Turkey’s outspoken fashion designer

Meanwhile the most famous transsexual star of the country worshiped openly with a decollete dress at the ‘iftar’ invitation of Ramadan, the traditional LGBT march in Istanbul was banned and transsexuals and transvestites were subjected to torture with police violence. Turkey’s homophobia fueled by the military coup and the strategies of the AKP government are now turning into a complete hell for Turkey’s homosexuals.

Percentage of the pedophilia and zoofilia are much higher than the average of the world, due to moral corruption in Turkey. Court cases of sexual exploitation of children at Islamic Schools have reached to hundreds. Fatwas, which claims that it is totally OK to be have girl (kids) to be married at the age of 6 years, could be aired from state channels. On the other hand, when it comes to homosexuality everything is opposite. If you agree to change your sex, the state’s health insurance pays your operation fees immediately. But those who are in the struggle for love, while preserving the integrity of their own body are being settled as unbelievers and sinners. Moreover, the law remains completely blind for this particular topic.

Even the minister who is in charge of the family was able to say “ nothing [bad]  happens when it is only one occasion”, the judges rejected the accusations by saying that there had been consent of the child. Turkey, where a provision that allowed convicted rapists to evade punishment by marrying their victims is presented in the parliament, is rapidly moving away from democracy and modernity. The country where freedom of thought and expression is banned, except for those who applaud the government, is slowly breaking away from the world.

In fact, the history of the LGBT movement is not very far away. As a result of the initiative of Pride and associations that started 25 years ago, the struggle was made visible with the contribution of international support.  However, just like every other area, the erosion of the level of culture, arts and education in the country, pioneers of the movement are forced out of the system. Communication and ridiculousness are leading to radicalization.

The homosexuals were picked up from the streets by force in the 1970s and they were shaved and exposed to the public. They were forced to be “exiled” of the cities with trains and buses, of course, by being exposed to police rape . Gay rapes and murders could have been unpunished when they said they were offered ‘indecent proposal’. Therefore, it was a necessity for me to come out, to be out here. From the mosque toilet to the police van, from the police station to the streets, harassment and rape should not be covered. It was the fight I had to have at all costs.

In addition to all these terrible processes, after explaining my sexual identity, I got a heavy hit with the help of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality truck in 2012. The case remained unsolved even though it was in front of hundreds of cameras eyes. In 2013, I was taken to stone quarry and threatened and harassed there for 15 hours by three people. The police claimed that I made up the [crime] story, but I was acquitted after 3 years of court proceedings.

On 2 January 2017, which was witnessed by the international public opinion, since I exercised my right to criticize the aggression of the ruling party which was interfered with corruption, that imprisoned journalists and human rights defenders and even interfered time zones of other countries and since, in addition to all these, I also complained about child abuse and radical Islamism, I was exposed to lynch attempt by airport employees.

I was arrested and thrown into the cell and isolation. I was exposed to homophobic and anti-Semitic psychological violence for 56 days. And I was finally acquitted.  This process produced economical, physical and psychological damages. [D8]  I was forced to leave my country and I am still being declared a traitor by the government.

Considering all these, is it wrong to say that some of the society is not even two-faced but hypocrite?

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