Conducted by

Jill van Coppenolle

Jill van Coppenolle holds an MSc in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp and an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development studies from SOAS University of London. In February 2019, Jill started working as Government and Foundation intern at International Crisis Group Brussels. Since June, she has also joined the EU advocacy and research team.Her interests include migration, human rights, development economics and international/EU relations. Jill is fluent in Dutch and English and has good command of French.

As part of our Vocal Cast Series, we have talked to Matthias Peschke, policy researcher at Vocal Europe. His recent policy paper on the race for artificial intelligence was an important contribution as it illustrates how crucial it is for the EU to develop this kind of technology. During the podcast interview with Jill van Coppenolle, Matthias elaborated on the danger AI can pose to liberal democracy, the current state of its development in the EU and how introducing English as a second language would support EU efforts of improving international competitiveness in this field.


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