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The Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – that is threatening the very principles of sovereignty and democracy – has abruptly challenged the European security order, just as the continent was rising again from the ruins of the COVID-19 pandemic and was embarking in the three most urgent transitions (ecological, digital, and social).

This prompts us to wonder: has the EU finally woken up? Many believed Brussels should have already responded to the wake-up call provoked by Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 as well as the permanent dispute in the Donbass area, an idea largely disregarded by the EU leaders. This time, however, the bloc’s diplomats and leaders seem cohesive in considering the war not only as a post-imperial aggression against a sovereign state (Ukraine) but also as a massive threat to European security structure.

In this context, this webinar makes sense of not only the indirect consequences of the war in Ukraine, such as Europe’s heavy dependence on Russian oil and gas, and the EU community’s split over the energy price shock; but it also mainly deals with the question of “how potentially will the war in Ukraine end and what consequences will it create for Ukraine, Russia and the European Union?”.

This all being said Vocal Europe invites you to an expert webinar on 28th April 2022, to discuss the key challenges and the long-term consequences of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war.

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