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Sasa Kulenovic

Saša Kulenović obtained his Master’s Degree in international Affairs at Johns Hopkins University SAIS in 2013 and subsequently developed a professional background in project management and political analysis. He is currently a visiting fellow at Vocal Europe.

Albania and North Macedonia’s bid to join the European Union has gathered momentum in recent years as the two countries made progress on their quest to open accession negotiations.[1] While the European Commission has repeatedly called for the opening of accession talks,[2] the European Council failed to reach a decision on a starting date in June 2019 and postponed the discussions to the forthcoming EU summit to be held on 17-18 October 2019.[3] While skepticism towards enlargement is still prevalent in some key member states[4], further delays in setting a starting date could embolden anti-EU forces in the two aspiring countries and discredit their reform-oriented agendas, with pernicious ramifications.





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