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Chaos. Simply googling the word will quickly land you on a Brexit news article — the majority of which are now detailing several reasons as to why you should be prepared for a No-Deal Brexit. Reasons range from MPs flippant and turntable decision-making behaviour to Theresa May’s third meaningful vote on the withdrawal agreement being rejected.

The number one reason, however, is that the European Union itself is now officially ready for a No-Deal Brexit. On the 25th of March the EU released a press publication stating that they have completed preparations for the possible “no-deal” scenario on 12 April.

This does not mean that all hope is lost, or that the EU has given up. The EU is simply facing up to the reality that being prepared for a No-Deal Brexit is the most likely and sensible plan. Given that the Withdrawal Agreement was not ratified on the 29th March, a “no-deal” scenario is now more likely than ever before to occur on the 12th April.” As European Commission Secretary-General Martin Selmayr put it: “the 12th April is now the new 29th March.”


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